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Armin Tolentino

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and Clark County Poet Laureate

We Meant to Bring it Home Alive

Alternating Current Press



From the Cover

Brimming with imagination and melody. A spooky deep -dive through the intersections of myth, spirituality, and Americana.

Deb Jannerson

Author of Thanks for Nothing

The mesmerizing wonder captured in Tolentino's poems evokes both confrontation and longing. Through the incredible, he pulls out some of the rawest emotions of human existance: awe, isolation, ache.

Do Nguyen Mai

Author of Ghosts Still Walking

[His] poems reach across time and space, Biblical in scope, longing, and wonder. These poems ask us to consider how we map a way back to each other and to the unknown.

Ruth Awad

Author of Set to Music a Wildfire

From the Cover
Othe Works



ARMIN TOLENTINO earned his MFA at Rutgers University in Newark. He is the author of We Meant to Bring It Home Alive(Alternating Current Press, 2019), and his poetry has appeared in Hyphen Magazine, Arsenic Lobster, The Raven Chronicles, and elsewhere.


Originally from Lincoln Park, New Jersey, he now lives in Vancouver, Washington with his wife and her three chinchillas. He's an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship recipient, an avid (albeit usually unsuccessful) fisherman, and hopes one day to earn a Guiness Record for World's Loudest Clap.


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